Your plan to improve energy, reduce stress and feel alive.

Tired of being tired? Sick of feeling stressed out? Confused about how to feel healthy? 

We see you. You deserve to feel amazing. Now you have a plan to get you there.  

Surviving to Thriving is a five week course to help you ditch the fatigue and stress and increase your vitality and energy. We've treated thousands of patients as licensed acupuncturists and learned what helps people THRIVE. We created this course for YOU.

What if you felt good from the minute you woke up, to the minute you went to bed? It's possible, and it begins with a strategic plan to overcome your biggest obstacles to wellness.

Your health is your greatest asset. When you invest in your health, you always get a higher return. Start now and watch the video below. 

I want to feel energized!

What will you get from Surviving to Thriving?

Check out the module breakdown below to discover exactly what you will be learning.

Module 1: Define Your "Why"

Define your "why", or your purpose, and ultimately create a your personal mission statement. When you know your "why" you stay motivated to make the change you want. 


Module 2: Improve Physical Health

Learn how to optimize your "3 pillars" of health so you improve your ENERGY. You must have energy to sustain your purpose and live a fulfilled life.


Module 3: Embrace the Imperfection

Ever feel like everyone else has it all together and you don't? Learn strategies to overcome perfectionism and a need for control so you can thrive, and create the change you want with your health.


Module 4: Rewrite the Script

Often, our biggest roadblock to achieving our goals is the internal dialogue in our heads. The limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that takes us from feeling inspired to feeling defeated. Time to change the script. 


Module 5: Connect With Others

Connection is crucial for optimal health. The quality of our connection influences our sense of belonging, our identity, and our self-confidence. We will teach you strategies to improve the health of your relationships so you feel whole.


Surviving to Thriving is your guide to feeling incredible.

We created a strategic plan to help you improve energy, reduce stress, and meet your health goals.

Most people know how they want to feel, but don't know where to start.

Have you been there?? It can be frustrating when you want to take control of your health, but don't know how to get there. 

That's why OptimizeYou created Surviving to Thriving. This five week course is designed to give you tools to improve your biggest health concerns, as well as address the mindsets and habits that are preventing you from living as your healthiest self.

Each module focuses on a specific roadblock people face when it comes to improving their health. And after over 25 cumulative years treating patients, we know what those roadblocks are!

Common roadblocks include low energy, high stress, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, feeling stuck, and old habits.

These challenges could be preventing you from living to your maximum potential. But we can help you move past them! With this course, you will receive one module per week packed with foundational knowledge, clinical case studies, and strategies to use right away. 

This curriculum has been strategically designed to combine health information with personal development. You get the nuts and bolts, and we coach you on how to implement them. Surviving to Thriving is the course you need to see and feel lifelong change. Finally, a plan to help you achieve the change you've wanted for so long!

I want to get started!

How Does Surviving to Thriving Change Health?

Listen to Sarah Ochoa, OptimizeYou client, mother, project manager, and breast cancer survivor, talk about her experience going through the Surviving to Thriving course. 

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Habits and Mindsets

Want to know what get's in the way of you feeling great? The stuff between your ears! We address some of the BIGGEST struggles people talk about in the treatment room and in everyday life. Each week addresses one specific topic, and teaches you how to handle old mindsets around that topic. It's time to stop surviving and start THRIVING.

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Tools To Use Immediately

Each module includes five information-packed videos, three strategies to start using right away, and worksheets to guide you and keep you on track. Download the audio files so you can listen on the move. You will learn tools that are accessible and easy to implement so you can start to change habits immediately. 

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Holistic Based Strategies

Course curriculum and strategies are based on the clinical experience of Steph Saffer and Sarah Hayes, both licensed acupuncturists, who have an accumulative 25+ years of experience. After thousands of patient encounters, they know what does and doesn't work for people!  They know you must consider the whole person if you want to create lasting change.

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What our Clients Say...

“I wish I had known about these strategies sooner. Now, I have the tools, and I am finally seeing that I am capable of taking care of myself. I know that I am moving towards health, instead of waiting to get sick.”  -- K.B. OptimizeYou client

“My limiting beliefs have been holding me back my whole life. I have never kept good habits because I was always getting in my own way, self-sabotaging and talking down to myself. After using the strategies from Sarah and Steph, I can’t believe how much more aware I am of these patterns, and how motivated I am to change them.”  -- R.S. OptimizeYou client

Surviving to Thriving


Your receive:

  • FULL Surviving to Thriving course
  • 5 weeks (modules) of information-packed video content
  • 3 strategies per module to change habits and mindsets
  • Over 20 cumulative years of clinical experience with Steph and Sarah
  • Worksheets and audio files

You Are Worth The Investment. 

You are better when you are energized. You are better when you feel calm and peace, instead of constant stress. And at some point, you have to decide that YOU are worth investing in.

We know that changing your health takes work, but it is always worth it. And we have created an intentional, strategic plan for you to do it.

Tomorrow, you can wake up, and do the same things you do every day, and likely get the same results. Or, you can wake up, and start in on a new path, feeling empowered and capable. You will be armed with strategies and our guidance to help you make change and feel incredible. 

We use these strategies every week. It is our practice, and has quickly become the practice of so many others. It can be yours too. 

This time, the project is YOU.

It's Never too Late to Invest in YOU

You deserve to live your life feeling energized, joyful and alive. You are worth the investment. And it's never too late to make the change you want to see in your life. We want you to feel incredible.

I'm ready to feel incredible.
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