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Know where to start when it comes to improving your health.  Conversations about optimizing physical and emotional well-being, and the things people struggle with along the way. 

The Power of Self-Discovery ft. Antoinette Leis // Ep. 22

Antoinette Leis, patient and client, describes her path to self-discovery and self-love, after years of battling health issues. Her discourse on physical health, body image and tapping into our personal potential will inspire and encourage anyone who has struggled with their own health or self-worth.

How to Be Your Own Health Advocate // Ep. 21

When you have a health issue or sustain an injury, it can be scary and bring up many questions. Many people panic, and look for the quick solution. Steph and Sarah describe how every practitioner has a different set of tools, but the patient always has a voice in their care. 

Coming Out, Perfectionism & the Power of Story // Ep. 20

Steph Saffer, cofounder of OptimizeYou, describes herself as a "recovering perfectionist" and talks about how losing a parent at a young age and growing up questioning her sexuality were origins of that perfectionism.

Fitness, Nike NTC, and Empowering Women in Health ft. Marie Purvis // Ep. 19

Marie Purvis, fitness professional and former Nike trainer, talks about the journey she's had in sport and exercise, and how she is working now to empower people (women!) in health.

Finding a Way Through Hashimoto's Thyroiditis // Ep. 18

Ten years ago, Sarah Hayes, co-founder of OptimizeYou, was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid. After trying countless treatments and therapies, she has forged a path towards health. An inspiring story to all who have dealt with chronic or complex health issues.

Road to Healing ft. Kendall Johnson // Ep. 17

Kendall Johnson, former Portland Thorns soccer player, talks about her long road to healing after sustaining multiple concussions and traumatic brain injury. 

Redefining Health ft. Sadie Lincoln // Ep. 16

In this podcast we talk with Sadie Lincoln, Co-Founder and CEO of Barre3. Sarah and Sadie have been good friends for 11 years, and this was a fun, heartfelt conversation with a woman who has been empowering clients through movement for over a decade.

Healing After Trauma ft. Tania Culver Humphrey // Ep. 15

Mature audiences.

In this podcast we talk with Tania Culver Humphrey and hear her incredible story of trauma and healing. She tells us that sharing her story, being able to speak her truth, and not feeling like she has to hide is a big part of her healing process. Trauma like Tania's, the things that she endured, will never go away, but we can listen, we can acknowledge, and we can share.

Challenging Your Negative Cognition ft. Gail Hardman-Woung // Ep. 14

This week we talk with Gail Hardman-Woung, LCSW, hearing how she cares for her patients to help them with work through their negative cognitions. She talks with us about the ways that she successfully helps her patients rewire their brains.

Create Solid Health Habits // Ep. 13

This week Sarah and Steph talk health habits and look at the evolution of their own routines in their life. Finding the right routine for you may take some work. But small changes add up and eventually become a lifestyle that has you moving towards better health every day.

From Surviving to Thriving ft. Sarah Ochoa // Ep. 12

This week we welcome Sarah Ochoa, single mom, project manager and breast cancer survivor. Sarah talks about her experience going through the Surviving to Thriving course, and the impact it had on her as she was navigating cancer treatment and life after.

Improve Connection with Active Listening // Ep. 11 

In this episode, we talk about cultivating true connection with others through active listening, and asking questions, and the powerful impact relationships can have on our health.

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs // Ep. 10
In this episode, we talk about the power of our inner dialogue, such as negative self-talk or limiting beliefs, and the impact it has on our ability to thrive in our life. 
Identify How You Want to Feel // Ep. 9
In this episode we discuss what it means to explore our “why” in life, and how our sense of purpose is deeply connected to our personal health and well-being.
Healing Through Movement ft. Margo Lightburn // Ep. 8

In this episode we sit down with yoga instructor Margo Lightburn and discuss how yoga has been instrumental to feeling great in her body and mind.

How to Create Big Impact with Small Changes // Ep. 7
In today's episode we discuss how what it means to "optimize" each day. We all to want to feel better, and often we don't have to change our whole life to achieve that. Even small changes can add up to big impact. 
How Struggle Can Serve You // Ep. 6

In this episode we discuss doing vs. being and the struggles we all encounter as we strive to "be." 

Why Meditation Gets Easier // Ep. 5

In this episode we discuss our own paths to practicing meditation and how, despite those difficulties, we have come to view it as essential for our well-being. 

Optimize Energy Using Nutrition ft. Rajiv Harry // Ep. 4

In this episode we sit down with health and wellness coach Rajiv Harry to discuss FOOD and all things nutrition. We dive into nutrients, plant-based diets, and how you can begin eating for the way you want to feel!

Surround Yourself with the Right People // Ep. 3

In this episode we talk about personal relationships, connecting with the right people and the struggles associated with that. 

Why You Have to Move Everyday // Ep. 2

In this episode, we talk about the importance of daily movement and how to start incorporating exercise into your routine.

Define Your Core Values // Ep. 1

In this episode, we talk about defining core values and why they are important in helping you live a fulfilled life. They also discuss the evolution of their own core values. 

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