Simple, accessible strategies to help you manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety and thrive. 


Take Charge of Anxiety and Thrive.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 13 people globally suffer from anxiety. The WHO reports that anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders worldwide. 

We know there are many faces of anxiety. Anxiety can stop you in your tracks, it drains your energy, it prevents you from doing your job well, it distracts you from your friends and family, and it can steal your joy. And if not dealt with, it can prevent you from truly LIVING the life you want. 


Imagine what life would look like without anxiety. What would you do? Who would you connect with? How would you FEEL? It is possible for you. 

We created Anxiety Solutions, a course to teach you strategies and tools to help manage the symptoms of anxiety that are so prevalent in our society today. 

We want you to know, you are not alone, not even close. It’s one of the primary reasons we created this help you see the many ways anxiety can show up, and give you powerful techniques to address it when it does.  Our strategies will move you towards a sense of calm, relaxation, and ease. 

You deserve to feel better, we will help you get there.

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Anxiety Solutions


Your course includes:

  • Strategies to alleviate symptoms of anxiety
  • Audio downloads so you can listen on the move
  • Techniques based on Steph and Sarah's 25+ cumulative years of clinical experience 

What if you could...

  • Have more brain space and concentration for your daily tasks?
  • Enjoy your time with your kids and spouse?
  • Be more productive at work?
  • Feel more present and actually look forward to your day?
  • Ditch the distraction, worry and circular thoughts?
  • Feel inspired and creative? 
  • Have the energy to show up the way YOU WANT in life?

IT IS POSSIBLE! Anxiety Solutions helps you achieve all of these things. It is a HUGE adjunct to the work you are already doing to pursue better health. 

Live the Life You Want.

Anxiety can make you feel paralyzed and powerless. That's why we created this course for you. There are ways to care for yourself that will reduce the symptoms of anxiety so you can thrive. We know how different anxiety can look from person to person, but these techniques will help you take back your power. The project is YOU.

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