Meet the Founders

Steph Saffer and Sarah Hayes are licensed acupuncturists, practicing together for almost a decade. They founded OptimizeYou, a brand dedicated to health and wellness education. With over 20 years cumulative experience, and over thousands of patient encounters, they've seen people struggle to be healthy and really thrive in their lives. In order to provide more people with the foundational knowledge they need about health, they have designed efficient, strategic courses to help clients make impactful changes in their life that yield lasting results for better well-being. Their mission is help people move towards better health everyday. The project is YOU.

Steph Saffer, LAc

"People need true encouragement when it comes to their health. They need knowledge, and tools, but also encouragement. Someone to say, "yes, you can do this." There is so much power in taking control of your health, and see it translate into a better life."

Sarah Hayes, LAc

"I was put on this earth to help people find their way to health. Everyone needs help. Being human can be hard and we all struggle at times. I love helping people reassess and give them tools to reach their physical and emotional potential."


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