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Feeling stressed? We get it. You're not alone. As practitioners, we see people deal with the impacts of high stress every day. It takes a toll.

Take our stress survey to find out what stress "zone" you're in. You'll get custom recommendations sent to you on how to reduce stress and optimize wellness based on your zone. 

Meet the Founders of OptimizeYou

We are Steph Saffer and Sarah Hayes, licensed acupuncturists working together for over a decade. With a cumulative 27+ years of experience, we know that stress is a major struggle for people, and we've witnessed firsthand the toll it can take on a person. 

After thousands of patient encounters, we have learned what it takes to help you reduce stress and get you feeling like yourself again.  

No matter your stress level, we've got solutions for you. The Stress Survey is a great first step, and we are here when you're ready for the next one!